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PPP Rally in Rawalpindi

Blog, Pakistan

March 3, 2009

I found myself in the midst of a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) rally today. “Roll, duck and cover” was never far from my mind as a dear friend phoned me to warn of another PPP protest that had just turned violent. Demonstrators converged, at the now shrine, where Benazir Bhutto was assassinated....

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Poultry Parable for Homeless Youth

Australia, Blog, General, Illustration

August 12, 2008

The following cartoon was published in Eureka Street on August 12, 2008 alongside an article by John Honner about the state of Australia’s homeless youth: “There’s much fear around. I’m generally concerned that the sky may fall in. I’m personally troubled that my super fund is...

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Henson off the Hook

Australia, Blog, Politics

April 7, 2008

The following article was published in the Bondi View on June 13, 2008. By Reuben Brand Controversial photographer Bill Henson will not be charged over allegations of child pornography, as the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions informed police that there were no substantial grounds for convicting Mr Henson...

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