The Battle for Aleppo

Incredible footage by the BBC’s Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway, as they were trapped in a fire fight between Assad government forces and Free Syrian Army rebels in Aleppo, Syria. Full BBC report here
War Crime

Murder, media and what we read

When innocent men, woman and children are killed, it is called murder, so why does this not translate onto the pages of what we read as we ingest our daily fill of mainstream media? Writes Reuben Brand. The gruesome murder…

The hypocrisy of politics

As Troy Davis sits on Death Row to be executed, within minutes, the US brazenly calls for sanctions against Syria for the Assad regime’s bloody crackdown on protesters. The US accuse Syria, Libya, Iran et al of murdering their own…

The drone wars

The Obama administration are building secret drone bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in a newly aggressive intitiative to conduct “counter terrorism” operations in places such as Yemen, Somalia and the likes. These barbaric strikes from the sky…