Short Promo Video for the LMA

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June 3, 2014

I was lucky enough to be asked to do the voice over for the Lebanese Muslim Association‘s very first televised advertisement that highlights just some of the fantastic work the LMA does for the local Muslim community in Australia....

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Disaster Capitalism

Australia, Blog, Illustration, Middle East, Pakistan

February 19, 2013

A series of illustrations I drew for the launch of Antony Loewenstein’s exhibition of amazing photos from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and across Australia. The month long event also showcased a preview to Antony’s upcoming documentary on disaster capitalism and his book,...

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Thank you for Standing Up for Animals

Australia, Blog, Projects

September 10, 2012

As part of the WSPA Live Export Campaign, I shot and edited the following video during their “I Stand Up For Animals” campaign that was in partnership with The Body Shop.  ...

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Australia, the lucky country (just don’t mention Asylum seekers)

Australia, Blog

February 17, 2012

Welcome to Australia – the lucky country, where white people live happily ever after. A story in today’s Daily Telegraph, titled “Asylum seekers made to feel at home, thanks to a $10,000 welcome pack” really sums up the inherent racism that lurks beneath the façade of our so...

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On Utøya: Anders Breivik, Right Terror, Racism and Europe

Australia, Blog, Politics, Projects

November 4, 2011

I recently filmed the global launch of On Utøya – a compelling and challenging new book. The book was launched in Sydney by Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon and Independent Journalist and Author, Antony Loewenstein. Edited by Elizabeth Humphrys, Guy Rundle and Tad Tietze, with essays by Anindya...

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Australian MP spreading the message of hate

Australia, Blog

September 8, 2011

South Australian Liberal Senator, Cory Bernardi, is Australia’s very own Geert Wilders. Not something to be proud of. Islamophobia is on the rise and people such as Wilders and Bernardi and flying the flag of hatred and racism. In documents obtained exclusively by,  Bernardi clearly...

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Michael Ware: “Prisoner Of War”

Australia, Blog, Middle East

September 21, 2010

An incredible two part doco aired on Australian Story about Michael Ware – a fearless Australian journalist who has covered countless conflicts in some of the deadliest war zones… Watch it online at Australian Story: Part one: Click Here Part two: Click Here...

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Australia, Blog, Middle East, Pakistan

September 21, 2010

Tariq Ali will be peaking at “The Festival of Dangerous Ideas” this year along with a myriad of other speakers – it is a must for anyone with an inquisitive mind… WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM TERRORISTS “Whatever else we might think about those labelled as terrorists, it is clear that...

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Jobs lost due to live export: “just plain dumb” says local MP

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August 13, 2010

The following article is a piece I wrote whilst in Townsville documenting the AMIEU “live export exports jobs” campaign and was published on the Humane Chain website: “Live export exports jobs” echoed through Townsville on Tuesday as local meat workers, Union representatives and politicians...

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Screening of American Radical

Australia, Blog, Middle East, Projects

July 8, 2010

I recently attended and filmed the premiere screening of “American Radical: the trials of Norman Finkelstein” in Sydney. A fantastic documentary about an amazing individual. The event was hosted by Independent Australian Jewish Voices and the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine on June...

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